By: Nancy Kritzer | CRP

September 26, 2019

Many relocating employees who are looking for a home are moving with children. According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 33.6 million US families include children under the age of 18. Transferees are more likely to have a successful relocation if spouses, partners, and family members also support the decision.

What is Important for Families Moving with Children?

The National Association of Realtors® Research Group published a new report, “2019 Moving with Kids.” As a result, the findings show that among families moving with children:

  • 50% consider a neighborhood’s distance to neighborhood schools
  • 53% consider a neighborhoods’ school district quality
  • 86% purchase their home with assistance from a real estate agent

Therefore, relocating employees moving with children are likely to have these same considerations. As a result, companies should provide Pre-Decision Services for transferees to help them learn about their new relocation assignment.

Pre-Decision Services for Relocating Employees Moving with Children

Candidate assessments and family pre-decision evaluations help companies determine the relocating employee’s expectations about their new role and their level of skills. These assessments also highlight the candidate’s personal qualities, their family situation, and their financial readiness for the relocation. Specific points that are important to all family members including children should be part of this pre-decision evaluation.

The types of information that companies can provide to transferees moving with children for their decision-making process include:

  • Community highlights and detailed information for the local area
  • Tours of communities to help employees and family members become familiar with the area
  • School information and reports on schooling options
  • Cost estimates to cover all aspects of the household goods moves.
  • Comparison of the cost of living in the new location
  • Home sale information including market analysis

By providing helpful information, the organization gains several benefits including:

  • Higher job acceptance rates, satisfaction, and engagement
  • Greater budget accuracy
  • A reduction in policy exceptions
  • Significant cost savings

Also, employees and their family members gain several benefits as well:

  • Dedicated consultant as their point of contact
  • Expert counsel and assistance for all of their relocation process
  • Career and other support services for spouses and partners

What are the Questions a Realtor® asks Relocating Employees?

As noted in the NAR report, relocating employees moving with children are likely to work with a real estate agent for their home buying process. Transferees who work with a Realtor® should be ready to answer questions that will help guide the search for their new home. Some of the top questions a Realtor® asks relocating employees moving with children focus on what is most important to their home decision. Knowing that children are part of the family helps the Realtor® understand important questions to ask. The answers will provide the Realtor® with valuable insight as to the buyer’s objectives, including those of their children.

Tips to Help Relocating Employees Moving with Children Prepare for the Move

Relocating employees moving with children should prepare them for the move. An important part of this preparation is communication. Engage children early, and share as much about the move and the new location with them as possible. This will help ease the children’s minds, and help them feel important to the process. Consider giving them things to do to help them participate in the move if they are able and willing. Activities such as helping unpack, choosing colors, and deciding where their things should go are important to them. As a result, this will give children a sense of ownership and belonging. Help children learn how to meet people in their new surroundings by practicing conversation. Also, teaching games that other children play in their new school will help them build skills and expand their social network.

What Should Employers do For Relocating Employees Moving with Children?

It is important for employers with relocating employees moving with children to be sure to include the entire family in the relocation process. Pre-Decision Services should have full family participation so every member can feel they are an important part of the process. Family support is critical to the success of relocations. In our Case Study on Educational Institution Relocation Programs, we describe how our client was losing new hires due to a lack of spouse and partner career support.

The rise in demand for spouse and partner assistance shows how important family concerns are to transferees. Relocating employees moving with children often will also be moving with pets. Companies that also show consideration for the needs of a family’s pets will demonstrate their commitment to the employee and their family’s welfare.


Global Mobility Solutions’ team of corporate relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients understand how best to help relocating employees moving with children. Our team can help your company understand how to use family pre-decision services to identify matters of importance to all family members. As a result this will help ensure a smooth and success relocation process for the transferee and their family members.

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