By: Sam Hoey | CRP, GMS

May 25, 2021

Global Mobility Solutions Memberships

The relocation process consists of a lot of moving parts when it comes to getting employees from one side of the country (or world) to the other. There are numerous logistics that have to be worked out, accounted for, and coordinated in order to make the process as smooth as possible. Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) puts an emphasis on enhancing the overall transferee experience and ensures a seamless relocation for the company and for their relocating employee and their family. 

The GMS leadership team takes pride in knowing our team is able to assist companies to relocate any number of employees anywhere they are needed. We are able to do that because of our knowledgeable, certified, and experienced relocation team. Our expert teams are members of various relocation associations that allow us to give the best possible service in the industry. We also encourage our employees to keep their relocation certifications up to date, as well as support webinars, training, and industry conference attendance.

Here at GMS, we are proud to have team members that belong to the following associations. 

The Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (Worldwide ERC®)

The global relocation industry is one that is always changing and transforming to meet the needs of companies, which can make it hard to set benchmarks and standards within the industry. However, The Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (Worldwide ERC®) is seen as the premier trade association for talent management and global mobility knowledge. 

Corporate mobility managers and relocation management companies from around the world encourage employees to become members of Worldwide ERC® to ensure that their staff has a strong education and firm understanding of the skills and knowledge useful in the relocation industry. 

GMS is proud to note that all of our client-facing team members and every level of our leadership team are members of Worldwide ERC®. Each of these employees has confidence knowing that they can deliver the best experience for a transferee because of the training they gained through Worldwide ERC®’s certification and ongoing education platforms. These offerings allow GMS employees to work through Worldwide ERC®’s program to become fully capable of handling almost any talent mobility situation.

Local & Regional Relocation Councils

In addition to Worldwide ERC®, GMS also has employees who are associated with various local and regional mobility councils: 

  • Bay Area Mobility Management (BAMM)
  • Arizona Relocation Association (ARA)  
  • Southern California Relocation Council (SCRC)
  • Executive Board Member for the Southern Regional Relocation Council (SRRC)
  • Member of the Tennessee Relocation Council (TRC)

Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM)

Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM)’s mission is to provide valuable networking opportunities for relocation companies. Their multiple platforms of content and events provide mobility professionals the chance to engage with one another in hopes of growing their network. FEM aims to inspire global mobility and HR professionals by providing them with crucial news stories and insights that impact international mobility. They also host events ranging from roundtable discussions to multi-day summits. 

Being associated with FEM proves that an employee is in tune with the issues impacting global mobility and assists in their understanding of related relocation practices and policies. In addition to the summits that FEM puts on annually, there are also local chapter meetings that members can attend. With chapter meetings taking place all over the world, members of the GMS team are involved in local and regional FEM chapters for mobility individuals and vendors, here in Arizona. 

International Association of Movers (IAM)

Holding more than 2,000 corporate members, the International Association of Movers (IAM) is the moving and forwarding industry’s biggest global trade association. Since 1962, IAM has provided guidance to moving and shipping service providers with operations in more than 170 countries.

The moving and shipping of household goods and automobiles are one of the most important aspects of any relocation, which is why it is so important to be up-to-date on best practices. The GMS transportation team are proud members of IAM, enhancing our ability to ensure employees’ goods are moved safely, quickly, and efficiently across the country and arrive on time for the employee to begin their new job. 

International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN)

The International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), also known as the International Association of Travel Agents Network, has a primary goal of setting travel standards of professionalism while administering meaningful business standards. Additionally, IATAN works to provide cost-effective services that benefit the travel and mobility industries. This helps provide a vital link between mobility suppliers and the US travel distribution network. The GMS travel team, and many additional team members, are members of IATAN.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) tries to create better workplaces for employers and employees. With more than 300,000 HR executive members in over 165 countries, SHRM is an expert in aligning all HR needs. Because relocation deals so heavily with HR representatives, GMS sees it as vital for key team members to participate in SHRM.

GMS is Qualified to Help

With our team members having a great blend of different relocation associations and memberships, GMS knows that we can help with any relocation need. Whether a company needs to move an employee a few states away, or send dozens of employees from one country to another, GMS can help you every step of the way. Contact us online today. One of our global mobility experts will respond quickly to answer your questions.

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Senior Vice President, Global Account Management Sam joined Global Mobility Solutions in 1996 and has a unique perspective with her 25 years of industry experience. Samantha offers her clients relocation expertise and a commitment to excellence in her. Her proficiency in orchestrating the BVO and GPO Programs, as well as relocation policy design and implementation, are invaluable assets to the accounts she manages. Her experience in administering Pre-Decision Relocation services to enhance the recruiting process further demonstrates her unique abilities to service her clients. Samantha’s diverse experience, leadership, and outstanding communication skills enable her to manage the relocation process for her clients with finesse and polished professionalism.

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