By: John Fernandez | CRP, GMS, SSB

October 17, 2017

How to get better relocation technology and mobility management at your fingertips

In all aspects of life, technology has made things faster, easier, and more cost-effective. The same is true regarding relocation. Here are some benefits of relocation technology to consider when upgrading your mobility management.

  1. Is it safe, secure, and compliant?
  2. How can it help make my life easier?
  3. How can it help my relocating employees?
  4. Will it integrate with other systems I use?
  5. Is it customizable and scalable?

Safety. To ensure the privacy and protection of your transferees’ personal information, you will want to ensure that your relocation technology has the appropriate level(s) of Privacy Compliance and Service Organization Controls.

Making your life easier. A robust single-platform technology solution should provide human resources, recruiting, and other administrative stakeholders with the tools needed to efficiently oversee relocation, such as:

  • Pre-hire and decision analytics and tools
  • Customizable online relocation initiation and approval process
  • Customizable “at-a-glance” dashboards to easily display the data you want
  • Online relocation cost estimating
  • Detailed and comprehensive performance analytics (SLAs and Metrics)
  • Fully-customizable and robust service and financial reporting suites on demand
  • Online tools and resources to plan and manage your mobility program

With a look at your screen and the touch of a button, you can easily track the progress of transferees, expenses, manage any exceptions, and more.

Helping your relocating employees. Today’s relocation technology should be accessible on any device, including tablets and smartphones. This technology should be available to anyone relocating with your company, including candidates who can benefit from the full scope of pre-employment features offered. Your workforce will move with ease using features like:

  • Virtual Destination and Guides
  • Access relocation benefit details
  • Relocation tools like mortgage vs. rent calculators
  • Online expense submission and tracking
  • Simplified travel booking
  • Real-time expense submissions and reimbursements
  • Language and cultural tools
  • Text and email alerts

It needs to work with what you already have. A good relocation technology solution should integrate with your existing human resources, payroll, and other critical systems and seamlessly enhance your work flow, not complicate it.

You want your solution to grow with your company. As evidenced by many of the preceding bullets, the ability to customize is a key factor when choosing relocation technology. From how you view information on the screen, to the data included on reports, you need a technology solution that gives you what you want, when you want it.

Modern Mobility Made Easy™
What this means for you and your relocating employees

Global Mobility Solutions believes in the use of technology to complement our high touch service model to provide a seamless relocation experience for you and your transferring employees.

MyRelocation™ is our single-platform, online relocation management suite that provides our clients and their transferees an array of decision-making, tracking, and expense management tools – right at their fingertips – anywhere, anytime. To see what MyRelocation™ can do for you, request a quick demo.

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Executive Vice President John oversees global operations, marketing, business development as well as reporting and analytics. John’s 23 years of mobility experience include excellence in varied positions such as Relocation Counselor, International Assignment Manager, Manager of Latin American Operations, Director of International Operations, Global Account Executive, Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Global Services. The depth of John’s mobility experience also includes multiple assignments and domestic relocations of his own. He has lived and conducted business around the globe and speaks multiple languages.

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