What are the hallmarks of successful career coaching for spouses and partners of relocating employees? Career coaching programs may include several helpful elements. All of these elements work together in a seamless fashion. As a result, they provide spouses and partners the resources they need to find employment in their new location. These programs provide professional resources that are proven to assist spouses and partners with their careers.

Successful Career Coaching by Expert Career Advisors

Career Advisors with job search knowledge and expertise in the local area provide direct guidance and support. As a result, the Career Advisors are resources for information, guidance, and tools that address the client’s individual needs. These experts provide successful career coaching to help spouses and partners define their search strategy and implement their strategic job search and career plan.

Successful Career Coaching Program Elements

Successful career coaching programs include the following:

  • Quick Start Job Search Preparation (marketing tools, job search assistance manual)
  • Job Search Assistance (market information, access to searchable data)
  • Personal Branding (online profiles, personal website, blog, video)
  • Partnering Services (online courses for job search execution)
  • Resume Writing Services (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile)

How Does Successful Career Coaching Result in Job Offers?

Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) recently heard from a spouse who relocated from Shanghai, China to Cambridge, Massachusetts and used the services of a Career Advisor for successful career coaching. In that person’s actual words, here is what successful career coaching can do for a spouse or partner’s job search and career path.

Moving from Shanghai to Cambridge: How to Start My Job Search?

“Deciding to relocate with my husband from Shanghai to Cambridge is a big decision for our family…I also worried about my own career. How am I going to continue to develop myself professionally through getting a job in a whole new country? I do not have any local education background and little knowledge about the job searching channel, workplace culture, employment preference…”

The concerns noted are typical for all spouses and partners. These concerns arise whether relocating from Shanghai to Cambridge, or from New York to Atlanta. Direct access to a locally-based Career Advisor is an invaluable resource. This resource will also bring peace of mind to a transferee’s spouse or partner.

Tools and Resources in Action

“My career coach has been very inspirational and helped me understand what I want in a position and for my career path.”

Career Advisors have diverse, professional backgrounds, and qualifications. They provide in-person support in major metropolitan areas, or remotely, as needs permit.

“Several useful surveys on the portal to help me get different ideas…discover how exactly I should emphasize and sell my strengths using a brief summary to make my background more attractive.”

Resources such as articles, surveys, local data, and job-related qualifications provide insight and guidance to local market employers and trends. A data-driven approach is a hallmark of successful career coaching.

“This summary was later updated in my LinkedIn profile to provide recruiters an overall introduction before they decide to approach me for further information. This also provides good material to prepare my self-introduction for future interviews.” 

Today’s job market requires job seekers to have defined plans. As a result, they must leverage cutting-edge technology along with determination and a commitment to implement their personal career plan. Job search tools must be created to match how employers search for new employees.

Written Communication and Verbal Skill Development

“We moved on to the next steps of revising my resume and cover letter.”

Communication is critically important in a job search. Successful career coaching will emphasize the importance of a well-written resume and targeted cover letters.

“My career coach suggested I go through the various training resources on my portal. These resources include webinars as well as useful articles and potential questions that might be asked during an interview.”

Beyond written communication, verbal skills during an actual interview often play a large part in candidate hiring decisions. A resume and cover letter may open a door. However, the job seeker must then close the deal with effective interviewing as well as post-interview follow through activities.

Interviews and Job Offers Due to Successful Career Coaching

“Encouragement on the day of the interview really meant a lot to me, so I felt I was not doing this alone. I feel more confident in my interviews because now I know clearly why I chose the company and the position as well as what I am capable of and how I am supposed to show my capabilities to the interviewers.” 

Most interviewers indicate that a job seeker’s appropriate level of confidence during an interview helps them feel more comfortable in determining their recommendation. Job seekers who can answer questions with clear answers as well as ask their own thoughtful questions of the interviewer will impart a favorable impression.

“Now I have an oral offer from one of the companies I have interviewed for. I also have several other interviews to attend in the coming weeks.”

Achieving the goal of obtaining a job offer and additional requests for interviews helps the job seeker feel more at ease with their new location. This also helps the entire relocation process for the relocating employee, the spouse or partner, and the entire family. As a result, the company benefits with successful relocations.

Recognizing Successful Career Coaching and its Result

“I was not sure how much it would help me through my journey of job searching and restarting my career. However, looking back, I would strongly recommend this program as well as my career coach to anyone that has the same relocation experience and needs to restart their career in a whole new place.”

Often a spouse or partner may not have a full understanding of the services a Career Support Program provides. Also, they may not realize how helpful these services will be to their job search. However, these proven resources result in successful outcomes. As a result, spouses and partners who utilize the programs benefit greatly from successful career coaching.

What Should Employers do?

The most successful company relocation programs provide a wealth of support programs and services for spouses and partners since they are often key to ensuring a successful relocation. GMS provides our clients with an extensive range of spouse and partner support programs. Also, GMS provides many other valuable business services so employee relocations are successful. Our high-touch service model fully extends to helping employee’s families with everything they need during their relocation process.


GMS’ team of corporate relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients develop successful career coaching programs to help their relocating employee’s spouses and partners find jobs in their new location. Our team can help your company determine how to offer career services for spouses and partners that promote successful relocations.

GMS was the first relocation company to register as a .com. The company also created the first online interactive tools and calculators, and revolutionized the entire relocation industry. GMS continues to set the industry pace as the pioneer in innovation and technology solutions with its proprietary MyRelocation® technology platform.

Contact our experts online to discuss successful career coaching programs that help your transferee’s spouses and partners, or give us a call at 800.617.1904 or 480.922.0700 today.

Customers choose Global Mobility Solutions’ business model because it is rooted in providing our clients and their transferees the freedom of choice. This means our clients are given the choice to work with “the best of the best” service providers in any market around the globe. GMS is able to offer this unique model in the industry because unlike most relocation companies, we are not owned by or affiliated with any one real estate, household goods, or any 3rd party service provider. GMS has been able to build strong relationships with top providers all over the world who act as an extension of GMS. Our worldwide network of partners allow us flexibility while providing our clients with a real-time, on-the ground consultant to assist with the day to day needs of the individual and family moving.

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