By: Kimberly Chacon

April 18, 2023

Learn what the industry leaders are using for international relocation services

Technology trends continue to shape the 2023 workplace and workforce. Companies need to rethink their talent mobility strategies to respond effectively within the new parameters of workplaces. Companies can more easily expand their organizations to meet market demands without restrictions or needs for solely geographically-limited talent.

Opening a division in a new location requires knowledgeable employees to be at the site to ensure processes are followed, and procedures are in place to match corporate requirements. A visual meeting platform like Zoom might work for meeting purposes. Still, it could be logistically challenging for an employee to conduct a factory tour or examine manufacturing processes in detail over a Zoom call.

This is why companies providing international relocation services instantly broaden their hiring pool. If you can hire the best candidate, no matter where they are currently located, you are more likely to get the right person in the right seat. 

But moving employees internationally is a challenging process. There are lots of moving parts that have to be kept in mind. With that said, companies that offer international relocation programs should utilize up-to-date technology to keep all of these moving parts in one central database. With increases in global assignments, companies should examine the following three trends that impact talent mobility:

Cloud-Based Systems

The estimated increase in talent mobility highlights the need for companies to surround employees with the proper technological infrastructure to maintain productivity. Cloud-based systems may increase talent agility and flexibility since employees can access corporate information quickly with an established Wi-Fi connection. Relocation technology for transferees should reflect the most modern technology trends in providing service and solutions anytime, anywhere.

Having a cloud-based system allows all involved with the relocation process to have clear insight into how the move is going. Everyone means the employee, the employer providing the talent mobility benefits, and the company that is providing the international relocation services.

Relocation Technology Trends Attract Top Talent

Global assignments require a set of leadership competencies, including cultural awareness, open-mindedness, and flexibility. There is strong interest among employees of all levels for international assignments as technology trends provide more extraordinary learning experiences. Companies should examine their employee relocation needs with pre-decision services to ensure candidates will likely succeed.

Communication and Collaboration

Video conferencing is common in business as teams expand globally and the need for visual and verbal communication increases to replace the limitations of emails and texts. Employees drive the demand for easy solutions, so businesses must respond with practical tools and training to ensure security is not compromised as communication flourishes. Communication trends will improve with robotic process automation, which speeds up business processes, so employees have the information they need much faster than through manual processing.

GMS Provides the Best Relocation Technology

Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) created MyRelocation to make the relocation process seamless. Our cloud-based system acts as central insight for each employee’s relocation. 

From bookkeeping on receipts and payout orders to pointing out key dates, such as when movers are supposed to arrive, MyRelocation keeps all involved in the know. 

GMS believes that its award-winning MyRelocation technology and our expert team make us the US’s best international relocation service provider. We would love for you to set up a free consultation with us so that one of our relocation experts can walk you through why GMS is the best in the industry.

Our cloud-based relocation technology is designed to help you streamline your company’s relocation management.

I’m Kimberly Chacon. I am the senior business development manager at GMS. I have been with GMS for five-plus years and have six years of relocation experience. I am a relocation specialist who loves assisting clients in creating comprehensive employee relocation policies. I am CRP certified and understand first-hand that not all companies have the exact needs when it comes to relocation needs, which is why I am here to be the first in line to listen to your wants and needs and then help you create the best relocation package for your employees.

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