Here are some ways you can set your career up for international relocation

The work-from-home age is upon us. Countless companies have now shifted their entire workforce to working remotely. During the Covid-19 pandemic, companies found that employees were more productive and happier working from home. This is why a new normal among job seekers to ask for full-time remote work settings. 

With the ability to work from anywhere, many Americans are looking for jobs that could allow them to relocate internationally. Studies show that companies are fine with employees living anywhere as long as their work is done correctly and on time. So, many employees are using their remote work options to live in a country they have always wanted to live in. 

Zoom Towns is the term used where a town or city is seeing an increase in population from digital nomads. Digital nomads are remote employees who live in a particular area but work in towns, states, or even countries away. International relocation is not easy, though. One does not simply pack their bag and leave for a new country on a whim. There are lots of factors to consider. Where to live, internet connection, visa and immigration concerns, and more. 

But for those who have their heart set on taking an international relocation assignment, here are some things to think about when putting the wheels in motion to do so:

Research Your Company’s International Roles

Before considering a remote position, your company may need to send you overseas. Many companies offer international relocation assignments to employees on a short-term or permanent basis. Often, short-term global mobility positions are an excellent way for an employee to experience living abroad without having to move to that country permanently. 

The significant advantage of accepting a global role with your current company is that you will have access to your company’s international relocation management company. Meaning there will be a company to assist your move and help you with finding a place to live, visa paperwork, etc. 

Letting your manager or human resources representative know that you are interested in international positions is the best way to start when going this route.

Find a Job with International Offices

Suppose your current employer does not have or offer international relocation services. In that case, throwing your resume around to companies that need employees aboard could be a good idea. It is not uncommon for a company to have difficulty getting employees to move to another country. You could become a valued team member if you apply for a position requiring global mobility assignments. 

Employees with children or other family members they are responsible for don’t have the luxury of relocating whenever their company needs to send an employee to Europe or Asia. But employees hired for those types of assignments can get their travel bug fixed that way. 

It is worth noting that employees who speak multiple languages usually have the upper hand in getting chosen for international relocation jobs. Seeking some basic language training would also be helpful if this is the route you’re going to move abroad for a job.

Work Abroad Remotely

Already stated earlier, this is the most common route the American workforce is taking to get to move to a new country. With so many Zoom Towns becoming more popular, especially in European countries, companies are fine with moving there to live while continuing their work here in the US. 

But companies being okay with their employees living wherever they please usually means they do not provide international relocation assistance to their employees. This means the employee is on their own regarding moving costs. On top of that, the immigration paperwork alone can be daunting for an employee looking to move internationally.

GMS Can Offer Employees Alternatives

Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) is the relocation industry leader. Over the last 30 years, we’ve helped employees get from point A to point B. In that time, we have been creative and initiative with our international relocation policies. The work-from-home age is no different. We have created a great program that companies and employees can utilize when employers do not offer relocation benefits. 

Our new Employee Choice Program allows companies to work with us in assisting employees move to a new state or country for their current position to work remotely. This program’s beautiful and simple explanation is that the company does not have to pay a penny in relocation costs for their employee, and the employee gets to work with global mobility experts from our network. 

That’s right; employees get to work with visa and immigration specialists and move companies from our network at better prices than if they were to get quotes on their own. The Employee Choice Program was designed specifically with remote workers in mind. 

To learn more about our international relocation options, please schedule a free consultation with one of our global mobility experts today!

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Christina oversees Global Business Development for LATAM markets. Christina brings with her over 15 years of experience in helping clients build mobility solutions in a variety of roles such as Relocation Counselor, VP of Global Sales, Manager of Business Development and Strategic Partnership Manager. Christina holds key industry certifications including Global Mobility Specialist with a talent accreditation (GMS-T) and Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation from Worldwide ERC. She also holds a 120-hour English as a second language teaching certification (TESOL) and has completed over 400 class hours helping students achieve their fluency goals. Christina’s passion for Duty of Care and Employee Wellbeing has led to countless speaking engagements within the industry and has fueled her own networking group, Women of Global Mobility to inspire and encourage the growth of Women within the industry.

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