By: Sam Hoey | CRP, GMS

June 22, 2021

Tips for Offer Letters

An employee transfer letter or relocation offer letter is a document that is given to an employee who is being transferred to another department, branch, or location under the same employer. These letters not only provide transferees common professional courtesy on the company’s behalf, but it also gives the relocating employee an overview of what they can expect and their benefits for the process. These ground rules should give the moving employee an understanding of all costs and services that they are entitled to during their move. 

Larger companies or companies that often relocate employees, more than likely have relocation policies in place. These are typically lengthy 10 to 30-page documents that cover every aspect of relocation protocol. For companies that might have such policies, they will rely on customized employee relocation offer letters and emails for each employee who is willing to do so. 

Here is a look at some of the top tips for constructing employee relocation offer letters, along with an example of a basic offer letter format.

Tip 1: Identify the Reason for Relocation Offer

While it will most likely be understood by the employee, you’ll want to cover in the offer letter why, how, and when the employee will be transferred. This will help with recordkeeping, but also provide the employee with in-depth insight as to why their position is needed in the new location.

Giving a specific explanation in writing to the relocating employee can help show the employee that you care. This will also take the stress off of your HR department because the employee will know all of the details about why they will be offered the relocation. As a result, this should help set the stage, allowing things to run smoothly right from the beginning.

Tip 2: State the Exact Effective Date(s) the Transfer Will Take Place

Companies cannot expect an employee to relocate the next day; however, it also shouldn’t be up to the employee entirely as to when the transfer will occur. Setting realistic dates and times for the employee to move and to get settled is vital in ensuring a smooth transfer experience. 

It should also be stated at this stage in the letter, how long the employee is eligible for relocation benefits. For example, many companies will allow employees X number days or months to utilize the short-term relocation policy stated in the transfer letter. There are many variables that come into play when an employee is trying to move out of state.

Tip 3: Provide Names and Contact Info

The transferring employee is probably nervous, but excited to take on the new role for the company. It is a good idea to provide the employee with the name and direct contact info for who they will be reporting to. This will give the employee a chance to reach out to the manager with any questions or concerns regarding their new position. It also gives the employee the opportunity to let their new manager know if there are any roadblocks with the relocation process. 

Conversely, it could also be a good idea to urge the new manager to reach out to the employee directly. This communication will allow the manager to inform the transferring employee of any necessary information. 

Tip 4: Note Every Detail of the Employee’s New Job

The employee should be well-informed about this step, but to cover the company and the employee it is a good idea to list out all expectations, requirements, wages (including bonuses), benefits, and anything else that will be different for the employee once they move. This provides documentation for both parties if there are ever any issues after the relocation has occurred. Being crystal clear at this stage helps straighten out any communication breakdowns later on. 

Use This Employee Transfer Letter Example


[Sender’s Name]

[Sender’s Address]

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

We are pleased with the work you’ve completed with us so far and management sees great potential for you to grow in [transfer location]. The management team would like to extend you an offer for promotion to [new position] where you will be responsible for [responsibilities of the position].

This will provide you with an opportunity to expand your skillset as you move from the [current position] in [current location] to a new position in [transfer location]. 

The company is here to help you and your family relocate and readjust to your new role by providing relocation benefits. This letter summarizes that support in several areas.

New Job Title: 
New Supervisor/Manager: 
Effective Date of Transfer:

New Duties: 

New Compensation/Bonuses: 

Below is a summary of the relocation benefits that are extended to you as part of this offer. 

Relocation Expenses
[Details of what the company will and will not cover.]

Household Goods Moving
[Moving expenses the company will or will not pay for.]

Home Marketing Assistance
[Info on home selling assistance ]

Home Finding Assistance
[Explain which resources the company can provide]

Repayment Agreement Terms
[Details of the repayment agreement that the employee is subject to]

Please review this information at your earliest convenience. You can contact me directly or Human Resources with questions, comments, or concerns. I would appreciate your acceptance or denial of this new position by [desired date].


[Sender’s position and name]

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