Many companies do not have a full understanding of the benefits that centralization can provide their relocation program. Larger companies or those that grow with acquisitions are often beset with the many challenges their relocation program presents with its focus on decentralization. While decentralization may be useful for local marketing efforts, when it comes to relocation, there are few advantages.

What is Centralization in a Relocation Program?

In our case study on decentralization, our team of global relocation experts describes centralization for relocation programs. Basically, relocation program centralization means the following:

Global or Corporate Level

  • Develops and manages the relocation program
  • Ensures uniformity
  • Provides guidance for regional and local units

By comparison, decentralization in a relocation program can result in many challenges including high operating costs, inconsistent reporting, and varying policies. As a result, employees often receive different experiences depending on what division or location handles their relocation. Also, the company has virtually no visibility, cost predictability, or tracking methods to ensure policies are effective.

Advantages of Centralization in a Relocation Program

Centralization in a relocation program provides many advantages. Companies and their employee benefit from a program that offers:


What Should Employers do?

Companies should engage a qualified Relocation Management Company (RMC) that has knowledge and experience in centralization for relocation programs. Companies should be sure to ask their RMC a wide range of critical questions to ensure all of their main concerns are fully addressed. The RMC will help them understand the advantages of centralization and how to design their relocation program to gain the most benefits for the company and its transferees.


GMS’ team of global relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients in overcoming the challenges they face with decentralization. As a result, our team can help your company understand how to gain the advantages of centralization for its relocation program.

GMS was the first relocation company to register as a .com. The company also created the first online interactive tools and calculators, and revolutionized the entire relocation industry. GMS continues to set the industry pace as the pioneer in innovation and technology solutions with its proprietary MyRelocation™ technology platform.

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Learn best practices from Global Mobility Solutions, the relocation industry and technology experts who are dedicated to keeping you informed and connected. Contact our experts online to discuss your company’s interest in centralization for your relocation program, or give us a call at 800.617.1904 or 480.922.0700 today.

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