By: John Fernandez | CRP, GMS, SSB

October 3, 2023

Learn how GMS leverages AI in their mobility programs

At Global Mobility Solutions (GMS), we view AI through a lens of practicality. We leverage predictive analytics and Artificial intelligence (AI) to learn, predicate, and automate our processes and improve the experience.

Few Relocation Management Companies (RMCs) fully understand the potential of AI and are in the process of discovery. However, some organizations leverage predictive analytics and defined algorithms to produce artificial intelligence specifically for relocation. These organizations gain valuable insights and automate operationally by incorporating predictive analytics and AI into their processes. Unlike many other RMCs, we fully recognize the immense potential of AI and related capabilities. 

By leveraging AI, we can streamline and optimize various tasks, such as assessing housing options, calculating costs, and managing logistics. This saves time and resources and ensures a more efficient and accurate relocation process. Additionally, AI enables us to provide personalized recommendations and solutions based on individual preferences and needs, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

With the integration of AI becoming increasingly prevalent in various industries, we anticipate that more RMCs will follow suit and adopt AI within the next 18 to 24 months. This shift towards automation and data-driven decision-making will undoubtedly revolutionize how relocation management is conducted, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for individuals and businesses undergoing the relocation process.

As companies continue to explore the potential of AI and predictive analytics, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the relocation industry. By embracing these innovative solutions, we aim to provide our clients with the most seamless and stress-free relocation experience possible.

How does this change the relocation industry?

Recognizing that every move is associated with data points concerning expenses, geographical consequences, procedures, service durations, and essential trends. Businesses can swiftly examine extensive volumes of data to comprehend the reasons behind events and anticipate future occurrences.

Artificial intelligence aids in the relocation process by anticipating possible problems before it begins and improving its predictions as the process unfolds. Moreover, AI provides customized recommendations that facilitate comprehensive relocation management. 

These recommendations include identifying relocation endeavors with a high risk, evaluating policies, estimating the overall duration and anticipated expenses, anticipating exceptional circumstances, adjusting milestones, issuing alerts, providing information about the destination, assessing authorization volume, forecasting performance, and more. Consequently, this leads to enhanced planning, execution, and cost-effectiveness.

Does AI help reduce relocation costs?

Although AI cannot replace the significance of human interaction in relocation, it will undoubtedly enhance the procedure and improve the overall experience. Incorporating AI in relocation management is predicted to decrease general expenses for numerous companies, mainly through adopting new AI technologies and integrating data in the relocation sector.

By incorporating AI in relocation management, companies can expect to see a reduction in overall expenses. It can significantly enhance the procedure and improve the overall experience. Companies can streamline operations and make more informed decisions by adopting new AI technologies and data integration in the relocation sector.

One of the key ways in which AI helps reduce relocation costs is through its ability to identify high-risk endeavors. By analyzing data and patterns, AI can pinpoint potential challenges and provide recommendations on how to mitigate them. This proactive approach allows companies to anticipate exceptional circumstances and adjust milestones accordingly, saving time and money.

Furthermore, AI can assist in evaluating policies and estimating the overall duration and anticipated expenses of relocation. By analyzing historical data and trends, AI algorithms can provide accurate cost estimates and timelines, allowing companies to plan and budget more effectively. This reduces the risk of unexpected expenses and ensures the relocation stays within the allocated budget.

In addition, AI can play a crucial role in providing information about the destination. AI algorithms can provide employees with valuable insights and recommendations by analyzing the cost of living, transportation, and local amenities. This helps employees make informed decisions and reduces the need for extensive research and costly mistakes.

Another way in which AI helps reduce relocation costs is by assessing authorization volume and forecasting performance. By analyzing data on employee authorizations and performance metrics, AI algorithms can identify areas of improvement and optimize resource allocation. This ensures that the relocation process is efficient and cost-effective, ultimately leading to significant savings for the company.

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In conclusion, while AI cannot replace human interaction in relocation, it is a valuable tool that can significantly enhance the process and reduce costs. By adopting new AI technologies and integrating data in the relocation sector, companies can improve planning, execution, and cost-effectiveness. With AI’s ability to identify high-risk endeavors, evaluate policies, estimate expenses, provide destination information, assess authorization volume, and forecast performance, companies can make more informed decisions and achieve successful relocations while minimizing costs.

GMS takes pride in being the relocation industry leader in technology. GMS’ relocation technology offers all the necessary tools for your employees. Movers can oversee and monitor their relocation process through the user-friendly dashboard of MyRelocation® technology. Staff members can stay informed about their benefits, communicate with their relocation advisor, and even stay updated on important dates. Our technology, which has received recognition, is a valuable and comprehensive resource for employees, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and user-friendly menu design and functionalities.

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