By: Kimberly Chacon

May 2, 2023

What Are Pre-Decision Services? Learn more about the relocation process, starting with pre-decision services

Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) is the original pioneer of the benefits of pre-decision services. Our clients know that partnering with us at the start of the relocation process helps identify the markers of a successful relocation and greatly enhances transferee productivity. Our wide range of services allows clients to identify those employees who are the best fit for the assignment. Relocation technologies and systems let clients manage employee relocation programs with ease.

Among the many services GMS offers, candidate assessments have become critical for clients to assess expectations, skills, qualities, and financial and family issues impacting relocation success. Clients should examine candidate circumstances to identify prospects likely to succeed. For the candidate, pre-decision services provide valuable information they can use to determine, including helpful information about the cost of living, housing markets, school reports, and moving expenses.

Candidates indicate that community searches and tours benefit them in understanding the new location and helping them select areas best suited to their needs.

There are several benefits of pre-decision services for both the client and the candidate:

Benefits of Pre-Decision Services for the Client

  • Increase job acceptance ratios
  • Budget accuracy
  • Eliminate the risk of non-acceptance
  • Streamline orientation to the new location
  • Minimal policy exceptions
  • Identify candidate concerns and issues
  • Cost savings

Benefits of Pre-Decision Services for the Candidate

  • Personal support and attention from industry professionals
  • Thorough orientation tours for families
  • Expert counsel and assistance regarding all aspects and impacts of relocation
  • Support services for spouses and partners

Systems and Processes

Our relocation experts have created systems and processes to help clients manage their Global and North America relocation programs quickly and efficiently. We provide high-touch customer service, policy expertise, benchmarking, and flexible reporting options. Clients succeed most with a customized, right-fit relocation program designed to meet their unique requirements. Employees and their families expect a broad range of services to help them during their relocation process. Our pre-decision services help clients and employees throughout the relocation process and help ensure successful relocations.

Get Pre-Decision Services from GMs

The benefits of pre-decision services to clients and candidates serve to ensure successful relocations. The corporate relocation experts at GMS have the knowledge and expertise to help your company assess candidates for assignments and provide your employees with the best relocation experience. Contact our team of experts to discuss how we can implement pre-decision services in your company’s relocation process.

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I’m Kimberly Chacon. I am the senior business development manager at GMS. I have been with GMS for five-plus years and have six years of relocation experience. I am a relocation specialist who loves assisting clients in creating comprehensive employee relocation policies. I am CRP certified and understand first-hand that not all companies have the exact needs when it comes to relocation needs, which is why I am here to be the first in line to listen to your wants and needs and then help you create the best relocation package for your employees.

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