Many of Global Mobility Solutions’ clients have transferees who may be participating in a home sale program as part of their relocation package and will require a Relocation Property Assessment. This Assessment is designed to provide helpful information for the client regarding the home’s condition. While not labeled as a home inspection, the Assessment entails a full review of the home by a professional who is fully qualified to perform the Assessment.

GMS spoke with Mark A. Gronke, Vice President at Fidelity Residential Solutions who agreed to share his advice and guidance on this topic.

How Should a Transferee Prepare for a Relocation Property Assessment?

According to Mark A. Gronke, Fidelity Inspection & Consulting Services provides seven helpful tips and recommendations for transferees to follow. These recommendations will allow the Relocation Property Assessment process to proceed in a quick and efficient manner. Prior to the Assessment, transferees should ensure the following:

Ensure Everything is in Working Order 

  1. Check fixtures and lightbulbs to ensure all are in working order.
  1. All utilities must be on for the Assessment, including any pilot lights for natural gas-fed appliances such as water heaters, stoves, and clothes dryers. Check appliances to ensure all are in working order.
  1. Consider servicing all furnaces and air conditioners prior to the Assessment. This will ensure these systems are in working order and may provide a written statement regarding system function.

Compile Records of Repairs

  1. Compile records and evidence for all repairs completed by qualified professionals and technicians. If desired, provide this information to the professional who is conducting the Assessment before it begins.

Provide Clear and Direct Access

  1. Provide clear and direct access to the home’s water heater, air conditioner, furnace, and electrical panels. If you store boxes and other items nearby, move them away so the professional conducting the Relocation Property Assessment can easily reach these areas and appliances.
  1. Ensure the professional conducting the Assessment has three-to-four feet of open space from all garage walls and all foundation walls. This will let them see electrical outlets and the condition of the walls and finishes. Be sure to clear boxes and furniture from storage areas, under any staircases, and crawl spaces. All of these areas should allow clear access during the Assessment.
  1. Remove leaves and snow, and clear away shrubs and brush along the exterior foundation of the home. Any wood piles, trash cans, or bins kept along the side of a home should be moved away from the home’s perimeter.

What Should Employers Expect?

Employers should expect that transferees who may be part of a home sale program understand their responsibilities to ensure clear and direct access to their home for the professional conducting the Assessment. The client for the Relocation Property Assessment is the employer, and they will receive the Assessment from the professional. Employers should understand that the Relocation Property Assessment is not a Home Inspection Report.

What Should Employers do?

Employers should communicate guidance for their transferees on how to prepare for a Relocation Property Assessment. Employers should work with their Relocation Management Company to understand the Assessment and how it relates to the home sale program.


Global Mobility Solutions’ team of global relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients with their Relocation Property Assessments. We can help your company understand how a Relocation Property Assessment relates to your company’s home sale program.

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