Video Destination Spotlights from Global Mobility Solutions’ MyRelocation® Technology Platform are an ideal solution. These spotlights show candidates and transferees all of the positive aspects of their new location. Visually demonstrating an area’s attractions, activities, and highlights helps showcase the best aspects of a city. Video Destination Spotlights also help give employees and their family members peace of mind as they consider relocating to a new city.

What Do Video Destination Spotlights Include?

There are many features that visually highlight the best aspects of a location. GMS Video Destination Spotlights include several major topics that are at the top of the list for new hires and transferees.

Major Topics in Video Destination Spotlights

1. Education and Schools

Employees, family members, and children of school age can learn about various public and private school options. Distinguished universities and colleges in the location are noted, as are cultural institutions with educational programs such as art institutes.

2. Transportation

Transportation alternatives including plane travel, light rail/commuter lines, ferries, and local highways help employees learn about the various ways they can travel to and from work as well as the local area. International airports that are nearby the location provide a sense of comfort for employees and family members who are relocating over a wide distance.

3. Housing and Cost of Living

Knowledge of the cost of living in the new location is one of the most important consideration for employees and transferees. Learning about the range of housing options helps employees make informed choices for their new home’s location. Families relocating to a dense urban area may prefer to find new housing near large city parks and recreational facilities. Video Destination Spotlights are an ideal format to show local amenities to families.

4. Geography, Climate, and Weather

For some transferees and new hires, the ability to be near mountain areas with great skiing is a significant draw for a new position. Alternatively, proximity to the ocean and warm weather can be a deciding factor. Weather in a new location may have a strong impact on an employee’s decision to accept a relocation assignment. Therefore, it is important to include this information.

The geography of a location might be one of the most important points in a decision to relocate. Video Destination Spotlights instantly show the local geography, letting employees see features such as mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Some employees may prefer to be situated among rolling prairies found in the Midwest. However, other employees may prefer to be surrounded by old-growth forests and rocky coastlines found in New England.

5. Sports, Attractions, and Lifestyle Easy to Show in Video Destination Spotlights

Outdoor enthusiasts may prioritize their decision on a relocation based on the range and breadth of sports opportunities. Major outdoor destinations such as Yellowstone National Park, Carlsbad Caverns, or Big Bend National Park may become a deciding factor for those who want to explore these natural attractions. Parks and trails draw hikers, bikers, walkers, runners, and are highly desirable community amenities.

Major sports teams such as the New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys often draw sports fans from throughout their respective metropolitan areas. Cultural Institutions such as the J. Paul Getty Museum or the Art Institute of Chicago are major destinations for tourists as well as local residents. Video Destination Spotlights focus on and highlight these and other lifestyle amenities within the community.

6. Dining and Shopping

Sampling local cuisine can be an exciting adventure. All Video Destination Spotlights include highlights of local restaurants, favorite dishes, and regional flavors. Southern California cuisine reflects the diverse cultural influences of many nations. New Orleans cuisine, by comparison, is known for Cajun and Creole foods such as Seafood Gumbo, Crawfish Étouffée, and Po’ Boy Sandwiches.

Relocating employees also want to know about the local major shopping venues. Being able to easily find their favorite stores and locate the services they need helps employees feel “at home” in their new location.


Providing a wealth of resources for employees with relocation assignments helps companies remain competitive in their industry. Our clients note how helpful our global and domestic Video Destination Spotlights are for their employees. GMS continues to extend the many valuable resources we provide to our clients into new technologies and easy to use formats.

GMS was the first relocation company to register as a .com. The company also created the first online interactive tools and calculators, and revolutionized the entire relocation industry. GMS continues to set the industry pace as the pioneer in innovation and technology solutions with its proprietary MyRelocation® technology platform.

Global Mobility Solutions is proud to be named and ranked #1 Overall, and #1 in Quality of Service by HRO Today’s 2019 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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