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What are the benefits of outsourcing global relocation programs? For companies that have steady moving needs, there are many benefits to outsourcing this strategic function. Most learn they need to gain the knowledge and experience to manage talent mobility with in-house resources effectively. Outsourcing this critical activity provides them access to the industry’s best practices and thought leadership that will help their company’s international relocation program achieve success with virtually all relocation assignments.

There are five distinct benefits clients can gain from outsourcing their global relocation services with a trusted relocation management company (RMC):

Cost Management

For most clients, managing relocation costs is one of the most important reasons driving their choice to outsource relocation. 71% of companies working on relocation in-house need to be made aware of their total internal operating expenses. A lack of knowledge of the actual costs of relocation prevents the company from understanding how to utilize resources efficiently. They also cannot gain the most benefit from their global relocation program. A solution that provides full expense tracking and reporting is one of the top features clients seek as they consider outsourcing their global relocation program so that costs can be fully identified and reviewed for budgetary impact and program performance.

Savings With Outsourcing Global Relocation Programs

Outsourcing global relocation services should allow clients to obtain more significant cost savings. Some RMCs are not independent. As a result, they often do not seek multiple bids for household goods shipments and other services. An independent RMC provides clients with several opportunities to receive and review proposals on services, and this helps keep costs lower than other RMCs that don’t seek competitive bids.


Transferees and their families often have questions about tax issues, visa applications, and other reporting requirements related to their global relocation assignment. To avoid putting the client’s company at risk for providing incorrect or insufficient guidance and advice, outsourcing global mobility management can provide expert guidance on unique relocation needs to help transferees find the right solution and help clients avoid any risks related to transferee requests.

Program Enhancements Through Outsourcing Global Relocation Programs

In-house programs only sometimes provide enhancements such as pre-decision tools, candidate assessments, auto lease programs, home purchase programs, and other value-added services. Choosing to outsource relocation services provides access to these services. Transferees and their families highly value these relocation program enhancements. Additional valued services include community tours, language training, outplacement services, school reports, and moving cost estimates.

Focus on Their Core Competencies

Working with an RMC lets human resources, compensation, benefits, and recruiting professionals focus on their core competencies. As a result, they can provide the best service in these business areas. In turn, experts at an RMC give the client’s international relocation program the best service. Choosing an RMC with the knowledge and experience to manage their entire program provides peace of mind and assurance that costs will be managed effectively, relocations will be successful, and transferees and their families will be satisfied with their experiences.

Work with the Best Global Relocation Service Provider

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