By: Sam Hoey | CRP, GMS

October 7, 2019

Generation Z (Gen Z) job seekers should consider manufacturing industry opportunities in their search. This industry is facing a growing wave of retirements in its current workforce. Currently, manufacturing is experiencing significant growth, adding over 264,000 new jobs in 2018. Also, manufacturing rose as a percentage of the US total workforce over the past year. With job opportunities rising and companies positioning for growth, the manufacturing industry offers significant advantages for Gen Z job seekers.

Gen Z employees are those born between the mid-1990s through the 2010s. They exhibit different characteristics than other groups such as Baby Boomers and Millennials. Often, Gen Z employees are adept with newer technologies and comfortable with communication platforms. Gen Z employees are often aggressively courted by companies seeking to enter new markets.

Technology Increases Manufacturing Industry Opportunities

Industries such as finance and technology grow with use of technology. As a result, the types of jobs in these industries now offer a greater degree of flexibility, variety, and growth trajectories. The manufacturing industry has seen the same transformation as technology changes jobs, functions, and processes. Technology attracts job seekers, as it provides a high level of learning experiences and opportunities for global mobility.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” reflects the rate of change, breadth across industries, and impact on technology systems of a digital transformation that is changing jobs and work processes. This revolution is a melding of new technologies across a variety of interacting elements including physical, digital, biological, and conceptual. The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving due to enhancements including:

The Internet of Things Generates Even More Manufacturing Industry Opportunities

New jobs that require skills applicable to the digital revolution’s requirements will provide a number of opportunities for Gen Z job seekers. For example, IOT generates a significant amount of data. Gen Z job seekers may have skills that can turn this data into actionable information.

Using networks, devices, and data, Gen Z workers can add value to help manufacturers understand the value of what all this data collection provides. Improvements in quality and efficiency can be quickly and easily attained with IOT, but there is much more IOT can do. Businesses can utilize IOT data to personalize their customer’s experiences. As a result, customer satisfaction may increase, and customer loyalty to the company should rise.

What Should Employers do to Highlight Manufacturing Industry Opportunities?

Manufacturing industry employers should continue communication and outreach efforts to schools, counselors, and job creation networks. By working to highlight opportunities in their industry, manufacturers can generate interest from Gen Z job seekers.

Gen Z job seekers are already more likely to consider manufacturing industry opportunities. Part of this awareness is the result of concerted efforts by manufacturers to engage with teachers, mentors, and school counselors. These efforts have led to over a third of Gen Z having had manufacturing suggested to them as a career option.

Leading2Lean’s Manufacturing Index study notes that Advanced Manufacturing jobs exhibit several desirable employment characteristics, including:

  • Strong Focus on Careers and Leadership Development
  • Requires use of Advanced Technologies
  • Offers Higher Wages than Other Industries
  • Provides Diverse Work Experiences
  • Promotes Continual Change and Evolution
  • Requires Technological Training

Leverage Relocation Programs for Manufacturing Industry Opportunities

Manufacturing industry employers that continue to find difficulties in hiring and recruiting should consider highlighting their relocation program’s benefits in their recruiting materials for Gen Z job seekers. In our Case Study on Manufacturing Industry Relocation Programs, we show how a large manufacturing company with multiple locations was able to improve their talent acquisition and retention. The company’s relocation program features and benefits were put in the best light and to the client’s best advantage during the hiring and negotiation process.

By comparison, the healthcare industry has been facing a critical talent shortage for several years. Healthcare employers have responded in several ways, including:

  • Providing Superior Candidate Experiences
  • Using Data to Enhance Their Recruiting Efforts
  • Recruiting for Cultural Fit
  • Creating an Industry-Leading Employer Brand
  • Speeding the Process so Candidates Remain Engaged

Relocation Management Companies (RMCs) are ideal sources for information on global candidate recruitment and relocation. Pre-Decision Services are critical for manufacturing industry employers as they provide valuable information about a candidate’s ability to accept a position and be successful. Pre-Hire Assessment data can be paired with structured interview questions to better understand the Gen Z candidate’s interests, goals, and motivations.


GMS’ team of global relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients understand how to design programs that promote talent acquisition and retention. Our team can help your company learn how to leverage manufacturing industry opportunities to help increase Gen Z employment in your workforce.

GMS was the first relocation company to register as a .com, created the first online interactive tools and calculators, and revolutionized the entire relocation industry. GMS continues to set the industry pace as the pioneer in innovation and technology solutions with its proprietary MyRelocation™ technology platform.

Global Mobility Solutions is proud to be named and ranked #1 Overall, and #1 in Quality of Service by HRO Today’s 2019 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Contact our experts online to discuss your company’s interest in leveraging manufacturing industry opportunities for Gen Z job seekers, or give us a call at 800.617.1904 or 480.922.0700 today.

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