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January 10, 2019

The United Kingdom (UK) has seen UK job openings rise over the past 12 months. This is due in part to European Union (EU) nationals who are leaving the UK and choosing to return to their native country. Some EU nationals note the BREXIT issue as a significant concern relating to their decision.

With over 132,000 EU nationals departing the UK, many companies and organizations face significant challenges as they work to find new hires. This trend adds to the large number of job vacancies in the UK, the highest since 2001 and a new record, according to the UK’s Office for National Statistics.

Where are the UK job openings?

UK job openings can be found throughout the country, but some regions have openings at far higher rates than other regions. Job seekers looking for opportunities in the UK should consider which region might offer the greatest number of vacancies.

UK job openings by region that are above the national average:

  • London
  • North West UK
  • Wales

UK job openings by region that are below the national average:

  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland

What are the jobs with the highest demand in the UK?

Demand may vary by region and by job type. For financial sector jobs, London and the South West have the highest number of UK job openings. By comparison, social workers and nurses are more in demand in the North West.

What are the Best Cities to find UK Job Openings?

The UK has several cities with thriving economies. Those looking for UK job openings should review cities where their particular skills and education may be in higher demand. This may help them find viable opportunities more quickly than if they target cities with less demand. Several online resources are available to help job seekers research UK job openings.

What does this mean?

Changing dynamics in the UK economy due to BREXIT, economic growth, financial markets, inflation in UK consumer prices, severe weather patterns, and many other factors continually create new UK job openings. Companies in the UK often must manage several openings, searching for new hires and transferees with skills and education. These employees will help them meet growth targets and corporate objectives. As a result, job seekers often have many opportunities with the UK to find employment.

What should employers expect?

Employers should expect that UK job openings will continue to increase as EU nationals leave the country. They should also expect continuing impacts from changing dynamics in the UK economy, including UK consumer confidence changes and UK housing market issues.

What should employers do?

Employers in the UK should review their company’s growth plans and requirements for jobs across all levels. They should determine how their company’s growth plans will impact the jobs required to meet business plans and goals. They must also consider how their plans should adapt to the changing dynamics of the UK economy.

Employers in the UK should also examine their relocation policies to determine if they would benefit from enhancements to attract new hires and transferees looking to take jobs in the UK. They may also benefit by learning how other markets, such as healthcare, have been leveraging relocation benefits to attract and retain talent.


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